Aaron Robison

Aaron Robison

LOGAN, Utah — A man who pleaded guilty in multiple sexual abuse cases in Utah has been sentenced in a related case in Idaho.

A representative for Aaron Ray Robison from Bearnson and Caldwell confirmed in court on Monday that Robison was sentenced to the Idaho rider program on Oct. 11 — a rehabilitation facility similar to the Northern Utah Community Correction Center.

Robison is currently being held in Caribou County jail for four to five months awaiting a spot in the program. The rider program itself will last up to nine months. Upon reports of his performance in the program, Robison will be sentenced to prison or probation.

On Oct. 9, the sentencing in the Utah cases were continued for an indeterminate amount of time pending the completion of the rider program.

Judge Thomas L. Willmore issued a no-bail bench warrant for Robison’s arrest in the instance that he would “walk away” from the program.

On Aug. 12, Robison pleaded guilty to two counts of forcible sexual abuse and two counts of sexual battery in four separate cases. All the charges were second-degree felonies, however the sexual battery charges were amended to class A misdemeanors.