Preston area murder

Idaho State Police and Preston police are assisting the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation of a homicide that occurred at this house at 515 S. 2200 E. near Preston in Franklin County.

PRESTON — Multiple law enforcement agencies in Southeast Idaho are investigating the murder of a 31-year-old man from the Preston area.

Wilden Everett Lovin Jr. was found dead in his home at 515 S. 2200 E. on Saturday, according to Franklin County sheriff’s officials.

“The party that found him notified our office that the death was not normal,” according to a news release issued on Monday. “Our Deputies responded and immediately notified supervisors that the scene indicated foul play had been involved.”

Sheriff’s officials said the victim’s body had been released to the local coroner’s office and was awaiting an autopsy. They aren’t giving any details about the cause of Lovin’s death — although it has been classified as a homicide — until after the autopsy has been performed.

Authorities haven’t released many details about the crime yet.

On Saturday night, they said they were working with other law enforcement agencies to investigate the death of a man in Franklin County. On Sunday morning, they revealed that the man’s death was being considered a homicide. They also said they had interviewed many people but had not made any arrests.

News that a suspicious death had occurred began to trickle out of Franklin County on Saturday night when numerous Southeast Idaho law enforcement agencies were alerted to be on the lookout for a suspect.

As of Monday, authorities had not released any details about potential suspects. They did say they had some people of interest in the case, but they still hadn’t taken anyone into custody.

Preston Police Department, Idaho State Police Crime Lab, state police detectives, and the Tri-County Sheriff’s Association have all been assisting with the investigation, according to sheriff’s officials. They’re also asking for the public’s help.

“If anyone has any information that may help us in our investigation, please contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office,” a news release states.

The sheriff’s office can be contacted at 208-852-1234.