Eli Williams

In accordance with Gov. Brad Little’s recently released high school athletic plan, Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25 has announced new guidelines for spectators at all athletic events.

Little’s plan allows for Idaho schools to fill 40 percent of their gym capacity, or up to four spectators per student athlete participant, whichever is larger, so long as physical distancing requirements are met or masks are worn.

Masks will continue to be required at all School District 25 athletic events because the required physical distancing is not possible in the district’s athletic facilities.

For every Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25 athletic event, four tickets per each home team athlete are guaranteed and two tickets per each home team cheerleader are guaranteed. The home student body section is guaranteed 100 tickets, available for purchase at the school before the event.

All visiting teams during Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25 athletic events are also guaranteed four tickets for each participating visiting team athlete. There will be no visiting cheerleaders or visiting student body sections for home Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25 athletic events.

School District 25 COVID-19 Athletic Plan

Pocatello and Highland high schools will guarantee 300 general admission tickets and Century High School will guarantee 150 general admission tickets on a first-come, first-served basis for every home athletic event.

Junior varsity and varsity games played at the same school on the same night are considered to be a single athletic event not two separate events in regard to the number of tickets made available, School District 25 said.

All general admission tickets are valid for entry to both junior varsity and varsity games held on the same night at the same school. No early bird tickets are available and gyms will not be cleared between events.

The American Falls School District 381 will allow 40 percent capacity at its home athletic events, which is an occupancy of 740 people.

District 381 Superintendent Randy Jensen said four tickets are guaranteed for each visiting participating athlete. Additionally, District 381 will allow home and visiting cheerleaders as well as a home student body section to attend athletic events.

The remaining tickets for American Falls School District events will be general admission, said Jensen, adding that face masks are required.

The Preston Joint School District 201 will also be allowing 40 percent capacity at its home athletic events. This will include four guaranteed tickets for each home and visiting participating athlete.

Additionally, Preston Joint School District is expected to allow both visiting and home cheerleaders as well as a home student body section at the event. Face masks will be required and the gym will be cleared between junior varsity and varsity games.

Marsh Valley Joint School District will also allow attendance for its home athletic games up to 40 percent of its gym’s occupancy, about 500 people, says Jason Stucki, vice principal and athletic director for Marsh Valley High School.

Marsh Valley Joint School District asks those in attendance to adhere to social distancing requirements, with masks being required when entering and moving about the facility but not when seated in the grandstands, Stucki said.

A free public live-stream is available for all School District 25 home games via Pixelot at nfhsnetwork.com.

“All guidelines have been put in place in the best interest of our student athletes, our coaches, our parents and our community,” School District 25 said in a press release. “Face coverings continue to be required at all times. Our staff is working hard to ensure that all guidelines are followed. Please be kind.”