Steven I. Holmes

Steven I. Holmes

POCATELLO — A local man who allegedly shot a Pocatello couple last summer over their refusal to give him a cigarette lighter pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges last week, according to court records.

While incarcerated at the Bannock County Jail in Pocatello, Steven Ivan Holmes, 33, of Pocatello, on June 27 appeared for a court hearing via video conference in front of 6th District Judge Javier Gabiola, who was located at the Bannock County Courthouse. During the hearing, Holmes pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated battery, a weapons enhancement charge and one count of battery against a detention staff member charge, all felonies, as part of a plea bargain with the Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office.

In exchange for Holmes’ guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to dismiss an additional count of aggravated battery he faced for the July 30, 2019, incident in which he allegedly shot a man and his wife at point-blank range with a .45 caliber pistol while while they were sitting in their car parked in the driveway of their home on 10th Avenue in Pocatello.

Both the man and his wife recovered from the ordeal.

Additionally, Holmes is accused of punching a Bannock County jailer in the face and tackling him to the jail floor last August while incarcerated at the jail. A month later, 6th District Judge David Hooste ordered Holmes unfit to stand trial.

Before allegedly firing one bullet from a handgun that critically injured the local woman and grazed her husband, Holmes was experiencing a mental health crisis that included him making statements that he was the messiah and a direct disciple of Jesus Christ, Holmes’ former roommate told the Idaho State Journal last August.

In February, 6th District Judge Gaylen Box deemed Holmes fit to stand trial and ordered the criminal proceedings to resume after Holmes completed a rehabilitative program while in the custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

It remains unclear whether or not the plea bargain Holmes reached with prosecutors last week is binding, in that the presiding judge is presented with various sentencing conditions he must abide by or allow Holmes to withdraw his guilty plea and take the case to trial.

Holmes is due back in court for a sentencing hearing at the Bannock County Courthouse on Sept. 28.

The maximum penalty for the felony aggravated battery and weapons enhancement charges is 15 years, meaning Holmes faces up to 30 years in prison for the July 2019 shooting incident. Holmes faces up to an additional five years in prison for the felony battery upon a detention worker charge that will begin only after he finishes serving any sentence for the underlying aggravated battery and weapon enhancement charges.