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POCATELLO — A local man facing up to life in prison for allegedly raping a Pocatello woman in February pleaded not guilty to the charge at the Bannock County Courthouse on Tuesday morning.

Skyler Brian Hanosky, 21, of Idaho Falls, has been charged with one count of rape where the victim is unconscious, a felony, for allegedly raping a Pocatello woman who had consumed so much alcohol prior to being raped that she was experiencing seizures, according to police reports obtained by the Journal.

Hanosky appeared in front of 6th District Judge Robert C. Naftz for an arraignment hearing at the Bannock County Courthouse on Tuesday where he pleaded not guilty to raping the woman at a home on the 200 block of Fairmont Avenue in Pocatello on Feb. 24.

The Pocatello Police Department investigated the incident after the Idaho Falls Police Department informed them that the woman who was allegedly raped had visited Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls for medical treatment on Feb. 24.

While at the hospital, a sexual assault nurse examiner performed a rape test on the woman, said police, and on Feb. 25 a detective interviewed the woman about what led up to the alleged crime.

The woman told police that prior to being raped she went to a house party in Pocatello before walking to Hooligan’s Bar on North Third Avenue. The woman said she had consumed alcohol at both locations before having her roommate come and pick her up from Hooligan’s around midnight on Feb. 24, police said.

Upon arriving home, Hanosky and his step-brother, who had previously dated the alleged rape victim’s roommate, were already at the residence, police said.

The roommate told police that the alleged rape victim began having seizures inside the home because of how much alcohol she had consumed. The roommate changed the alleged rape victim into pajamas and helped her to bed before going to bed with Hanosky’s stepbrother, police said.

The woman who was allegedly raped told police that upon waking up she was not wearing any clothing, felt like she had engaged in sexual intercourse and had visible signs she had been raped, police said.

The woman told police that she did not remember coming home from the bar and had no recollection of the events that transpired inside her home. She also said she had never before engaged in consensual sex with Hanosky, police said.

When police attempted to speak with Hanosky about the incident, he declined to answer any questions without an attorney present, police said. Hanosky retained Idaho Falls attorney Marvin Stucki.

After police applied for and secured a warrant and detention order, Hanosky provided the Pocatello police with a DNA sample on March 7.

Police contacted the alleged rape victim in June to inform her that the presence of male DNA was found on the rape test performed at EIRMC on Feb. 24.

On Sept. 5, police received results from the laboratory analyzing the rape kit, which indicated the provided sample returned a “profile is at least 7.44 octillion times more likely to be seen if Skyler Hanosky is the source than if an unrelated individual randomly selected from the general population is the source.”

Written out, an octillion is 1 with 27 zeros behind it.

Police forwarded the case to the Bannock County Prosecutor’s Office and Hanosky was criminally charged on Nov. 26.

Hanosky was summoned to appear in court, which he did, and was therefore not arrested when county prosecutors charged him with rape.

Hanosky is due back in court for a status conference hearing on March 9.

In Idaho, the punishment for rape convictions is no less than one year and up to life in prison.