Amazing Glaze donuts

Dean and Katie Giesbrecht have opened their second Amazing Glaze donut shop at the Idaho State University Pond Student Union. They opened this location on Nov. 13.

POCATELLO — Amazing Glaze has greatly increased its offerings, nearly doubled its donut sales and is in the process of expanding.

So things are “phenomenal” at the donut shop, according to Amazing Glaze co-owner Dean Giesbrecht.

Amazing Glaze had its grand opening Nov. 13 for its second Amazing Glaze donut shop, located on the second floor of the Idaho State University Student Union. The original location is at 215 E. Cedar St., Suite B.

“There’s a lot of the student base that relies strictly on what’s available at the campus for their morning coffees or their breakfast,” Giesbrecht said. “To be able to open up on campus in the student union building puts us right in the heart of where the classes are. So as students are rushing to their classes, we become a stop that’s right on the way.”

Chartwells, an exclusive ISU campus caterer, reached out to Amazing Glaze this past summer about having store space open at ISU and the Giesbrechts accepted a deal.

Chartwells also has a deal in which Amazing Glaze provides donuts for some Chartwells-catered events.

With Amazing Glaze expanding its footprint, it is selling around 11,500 donuts per week after averaging about 7,600 when the Giesbrechts started in Aug. 2017, according to Giesbrecht.

“They come in and taste our product and they realize it’s not something that can be replicated anywhere,” Giesbrecht said. “They’re just blown away by the flavors, the quality, the amount of care and love that goes into the product that we’re putting out, and I think that’s what brings them back.”

There are 50 different donuts offered, including a newly introduced donut featuring huckleberry, Idaho’s state fruit.

“That’s been absolutely huge,” Giesbrecht said. “Those have really taken off and what was going to be a seasonal donut ended up being a permanent fixture.”

At the original Pocatello location, they have also introduced lunch items, with soup and bread bowls offered.

The original shop is now open longer from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The second location at ISU is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

Customers will not often see Dean and wife Katie behind the counter as they go back and forth between the businesses and running errands.

They have 11 full-time employees to assist them between the two shops, including three people who work 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. making fresh donuts by hand.

The Giesbrechts, both Pocatello High School graduates, try to treat employees with as much care as the customers, with a biblical approach to business management.

“For every person that works for me, my goal is to show them what the love of God really is and to portray the way God loves me, the way God loves them,” Dean said. “Trying to balance that with traditional business mentalities is not always the easiest thing. There’s been big learning curves with that and learning how to balance that the right way.”

The importance of Amazing Glaze employees becomes as high as ever with more expansion possibly on the horizon.

Dean said he may add a drive-through donut shop in Chubbuck in the coming year.

“The business we’re doing is growing exponentially since we took over,” Giesbrecht said. “The biggest thing is word’s getting out. People are finding out that we’re there.”