Porsha Returns Home

Porsha, a runaway emotional support dog for a local 12-year-old girl, has returned home safe and sound after being lost for two weeks.

POCATELLO — After sporadic sightings lasting two weeks, a local 12-year-old girl’s emotional support dog is finally back home safe.

The dog, a female wirehaired pointing griffon named Porsha, had escaped from a vehicle on May 19, the same day that 12-year-old Raegan Shryock-Lowry met the dog for the first time.

Marsha Lowry, Raegan’s grandmother, contacted the Journal on Sunday to share the positive development.

Marsha said they had nicknamed Porsha “The Phantom,” because of how many people had spotted her without being able to successfully coax the dog into their vehicles. When the Lowry’s would receive a tip, Porsha would be nowhere in sight by the time they arrived, she said.

Marsha said a local family was able to eventually befriend Porsha. The family got Porsha into their backyard and the Lowry family went straight to pick her up.

Though Marsha was offering a $300 reward for Porsha’s safe return, she said the family refused to take it.

Porsha is an emotional support dog that was in line to replace Raegan’s previous canine, a boxer named Piper who died three months ago of cancer.

At first, Piper was just the family household pup. But Raegan and Piper formed an incredible bond when Raegan’s mother, Staci Shryock, died in May 2015 after she was struck by a motorist head-on while driving her motorcycle on U.S. Highway 30 in Pocatello, Marsha said.

Now with Porsha’s safe return, Raegan once again has a furry friend in her life. Marsha said she couldn’t be happier.

“I can’t believe how much Porsha ate when she got home,” Marsha said. “We are so excited. Porsha will need a lot of adjusting. And a good bath.”

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