Alpine Animal Hospital Get Your Goat

Alpine Animal Hospital in Chubbuck is hosting a “Get Your Goat” fundraiser in which people in the community can send a baby goat to someone.

CHUBBUCK — Want to “get the goat” of someone in the Pocatello-Chubbuck community?

Alpine Animal Hospital in Chubbuck is running a fundraiser called “Get Your Goat” to raise money for its veterinary care fund that helps pay for the care of animal companions, according to Kysha Longstaff, the human resources manager at Alpine.

The program works by having someone call or email the staff at Alpine, who will then deliver a young goat to a particular business or individual.

Then the businesses or people get the goat with a slip revealing who nominated them to receive the goat.

To get rid of the goat, people can donate at least $10 and send the goat to someone else in the community.

People and businesses can even buy “goat insurance” for $20 to avoid getting a young goat delivered to them at all.

Of course, if people aren’t interested in participating in the fundraiser then personnel would just leave the premises, according to Longstaff, though that hasn’t been an issue so far.

“I think overall it will go just fine,” she said.

The event, which started on July 15 and runs until Thursday, can have a significant impact, according to Longstaff.

“The fundraiser is just a fun way to get us out in the community and just raise money and to help more people in the community,” Longstaff said.

This is the first time they’ve attempted this kind of fundraiser and so far it’s going well. About $300 has been raised mainly from insurance so far, and they’ve had a good number of people participating.

“We’re not sure how much we’re going to raise,” Longstaff said. “I’m thinking it should raise a decent amount of money.”

If it continues to go well, Alpine would like to make it an annual event, she said.

She said Alpine’s nonprofit 501©(3) foundation, which is called the Alpine Veterinary Care Fund, has helped quite a few animals get care over the years and it even helps veterans and others.

Stephanie Geraughty with the charity team at Alpine Animal Hospital came up with the idea for Alpine to run a program along the same lines as one that was previously done successfully in the East Idaho community of McCammon, according to Longstaff.

Among other benefits, “Get Your Goat” will help sponsor Hero, who is a registered service animal, according to Longstaff.

Overall, the funds raised from the event will be used for veteran, military and law enforcement service animals, to help animals rescued from neglect and abuse, to aid low-income seniors and for Good Samaritan emergencies, which is when someone finds an injured animal and brings it to Alpine to treat.

The clinic can also use the income to help cover some costs for clients, Longstaff said.

Longstaff says that in the past the money made from fundraising raffles, dinners and other fundraisers would go into an account for use when needed, so hopefully that income will keep building as COVID-19 continues to wane and more dinners and fundraising events are possible for Alpine.

The next fundraiser that the Alpine team is already thinking about arranging is a horse obstacle race-course. With luck, they hope to have that horse race arranged for around the end of this summer, according to Longstaff.

“It would be a lot of fun,” Longstaff said.

For more information or to be among those sending a goat to someone, contact Alpine Animal Hospital at or 208-237-1111.