East Idaho At Home cover photo

Adams Publishing Group, the owner of the ISJ and several other regional newspapers, has announced plans to unveil a revamped real estate guide, East Idaho At Home, on May 31. 

Adams Publishing Group, the Greeneville, Tennessee-based media company that owns several newspapers throughout the region, announced Monday that it is unveiling a revamped publication to advertise Eastern Idaho real estate properties.

What was once called Pocatello at Home and served as a guide to real estate properties in the Gate City every month will now be called East Idaho at Home, which will cover real estate markets from Lava Hot Springs to Rexburg on a weekly basis, according to Mark Maier, advertising director at the Idaho State Journal.

“The footprint changes from a Pocatello only location to include markets in Lava Hot Springs all the way down to Rexburg and everyone in between,” Maier said. “We will put this insert inside the Idaho State Journal, the Bingham County Chronicle, the Post Register and the Standard Journal every Friday. That’s a weekly circulation of about 26,000 people.”

The first print issue of the newly revamped publication and the relaunching of the accompanying website, eastidahoathome.com, is set for May 31.

“We’re going to have a great print publication and a great website to go along with it,” Maier said.

Unlike previous iterations of the print magazine, East Idaho At Home will include the most recent listings in the regional real estate market.

Previously, Pocatello At Home only included listings for the previous 30 days, which Maier said resulted in some situations where listed homes were sold or taken off the market by the time customers received a copy of the magazine.

“Our real estate market here in Southeast Idaho is moving very, very quickly,” Maier said. “When we had a monthly magazine much of the listings inside of it were outdated by the time we sent the issue to the printers. Sometimes listings sat there for 30 days. But with this particular product, we are getting the listings every Tuesday and the magazine is printed every Friday. We can update it just like that.”

The website will also be much more robust, featuring each new listing included in every weekly print edition of the magazine, as well as previous listings from past issues, Maier said.

In addition to including various listings from participating Realtors and real estate brokers, Maier said each issue of East Idaho At Home will include a section that notes the most recent listings from all brokers to hit the regional market every week. Some listings included in the most recent for the last week may receive additional coverage on pages submitted from the respective real estate companies, but the more recent section will not include full descriptions of each property.

“This gives people the most updated information available and it gives real estate brokers an opportunity to advertise their listings in a fast-changing market,” Maier said. “We really wanted to make it quick, easy and painless for consumers to know what the real estate market is doing, almost in real time.”

Additionally, the cover of each magazine will include a photograph of a featured listing included in the edition and half of the very first inside page will be an article describing that featured listing in detail.

Maier said that in conversations with local real estate brokers, it’s evident the home-buying market is hot right now, with fewer than 100 homes available for purchase at any given moment.

Gordon Wilks, a real estate broker with Gate City Real Estate in Pocatello, says that in over 40 years of selling properties in East Idaho he has never witnessed a hotter regional market.

“I’ve seen hot markets with a healthy inventory many times over,” Wilks said. “But I’ve never seen such a penned-up demand that can’t be satisfied.”

Though advertising with the new structure of East Idaho At Home will be more of an investment for Wilks, and any other participating real estate brokers, he says the demand of the market makes the new product well worth the money.

“This new system, though it represents a bigger investment for us brokers, is still better for the consumer,” Wilks said. “I’m hoping that I will eventually get something out of it, but no matter what, this product is about getting information out that people can actually use.”