I-15 wrecks near Fort Hall

Traffic on Interstate 15 was backed up for miles on Friday afternoon after snow and rain caused approximately 24 crashes on the freeway at Fort Hall.

FORT HALL — About three hours after a dozen wrecks shut down Interstate 15 in the area of the Fort Hall exit on Friday afternoon a dozen more crashes occurred on the same stretch of freeway.

State police said the approximately 24 crashes on that section of Interstate 15 were caused by the snowy and rainy weather that hit East Idaho on Friday.

The first dozen wrecks occurred around 1 p.m. Friday while the second slew of crashes happened around 4 p.m. State police said there were no fatalities but several of the wreck victims were transported via ambulances to Portneuf Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

State police said because no one was seriously injured in any of the crashes they will not be releasing the names or any additional information on those involved in the accidents.

The first dozen crashes resulted in Interstate 15 being completely shut down in the Fort Hall area for over an hour. The second dozen wrecks did not result in the interstate being closed.

Ambulances from Fort Hall, Pocatello and Blackfoot responded to the wrecks.

State police were also assisted at the scene by numerous law enforcement officers from other local departments.