IDAHO FALLS — An Idaho Falls woman was injured late Tuesday, and her roommate is dead after the two had to separate his fighting dogs.

    In the early stages of the investigation, Sgt. Phil Grimes, of the Idaho Falls Police Department, said it appears that Carlos Eligio Trevino Sr., 54, died of natural causes.

    Grimes said, however, that an autopsy is scheduled and that the investigation into Trevino’s death continues. The Idaho Falls Police Department reported Wednesday that shortly after 9 p.m. on Tuesday, some of the seven dogs owned by Trevino began fighting with each other. Trevino and his roommate, Marci Shelton, worked to separate the dogs and stop them from fighting. After they were able to separate the dogs, police said, Trevino complained of being tired and went to another room to sit down. Shelton later checked on Trevino and believed he was not breathing.

    She called emergency services out to the home on the 100 block of College Street.

    Upon arriving, officers indeed found that Trevino had died.

    Because Shelton was bitten while trying to separate the dogs, police said they were taken to the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter.

    Grimes briefly addressed rumors that Shelton was badly injured by the dogs and that those dogs are slated to be put down.

    “My understanding is she is fine,” Grimes said about Shelton. “As far as I know, no decision has been made about destroying any dogs.”