Jennifer Casper Ross

Jennifer Casper Ross

A former Pocatello resident and graduate of Highland High School has been missing from Reno, Nevada, since 2005, according to the Idaho Cold Cases website.

Jennifer Casper Ross, 30, was in ballet while in the community and graduated from Highland around 1993, and she moved to Reno in 1995.

She attended Truckee Meadows Community College and then transferred to the University of Nevada at Reno.

Ross was a Dean’s List student and majored in veterinary medicine before switching to biomedical engineering.

She also tutored in physics and mathematics.

According to The Charley Project, Ross was last seen about 5:30 a.m. on May 5, 2005, at the Reno Sparks Cab Company where her mother worked in the 400 block of Gentry Way in Reno.

She stopped there to visit her mother, but her mother wasn’t working at the time.

Reports say Jennifer was intoxicated and didn’t have enough money for the cab fare back home.

She ran from the taxi, climbed over a fence at the back of the building and disappeared.

She’s never been heard from since, according to The Charley Project.

The night before she disappeared, her husband, Sean Ross, came home and found her intoxicated and she told him she needed to leave.

She had her belongings and family photos packed. He tried to change her mind, but he let her go after Jennifer insisted.

Jennifer went to the Peppermill Hotel and Casino with a friend early on the morning of her disappearance.

Witnesses said she had self-inflicted cuts on her arms and wrists.

Jennifer was unemployed when she vanished.

She had previously been a professional ballerina, but that career ended after she suffered a tailbone injury. However, she still gave lessons.

She was also deeply in debt and her credit cards were maxed out.

She left behind her broken high heels and two notes, one stained in blood.

The notes said who should be permitted to contact her son if something happened to her. And she said her possessions should go to Sean.

Sean said Jennifer suffered from postpartum depression after their son was born and got addicted to drugs and alcohol.

He filed for divorce three months after she disappeared and is raising their son.