DAYTON — Three 2022 seniors started their final day of school on May 19 with a stroll through West Side High School on horseback.

Ryker Love and his friend Colby Bowles started the tradition of riding their horses to school on the last day of the school year four years ago, and friends have joined in. Love’s father, Gene, has obliged the tradition with complimentary pickup of the horses once the boys reach school.

This year, upon arrival, Love, Blaise Brown and Jackson Green ducked through the school’s front doors and prodded their horses through the halls of education. A throng of classmates followed them down the south hallway until they exited by the library. Fortunately for them, a buddy backed the boys up, grabbing a shovel from Gene Love’s pickup truck and collecting the deposits left in the hallway by the horses.

“They are some of my best friends, and I just thought of cleaning up after them,” said Brock Moser. The boys cleaned carpets in the hallway following their ride.

Bowles and Dillon Ralphs, both juniors, refrained from entering the school.

Taking a scenic route from their homes to the school, instead of traveling along the highway, takes about an hour, they said. Considering a time in which horseback was the common means of transportation to school appealed to the boys.

“It would be a good time,” they agreed.

After graduation this week, Love is moving to Montana where he will work on a ranch. Brown is looking for a job this summer and still trying to decide what his post-high school plans entail. Green will work at Spencer’s Welding & Fabrication, a family business in Lewiston.

Bowles said that instead of heading to school when the alarm rings next week, he is going to start fencing for Nick Phillips and ride the range in Cottonwood. Ralphs plans to work in construction with his father.