BOZEMAN, Montana — A former Montana high school teacher was arrested last Friday for drunk driving after she bumped into a parent’s car in front of the school.

Jennifer Morecz, who used to work at Bozeman High School, is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor. She has until Nov. 15 to appear in city court on the charge.

Bob Connors, Bozeman school’s superintendent, said Morecz had resigned earlier on Friday and didn’t work that day. He said he couldn’t say why she resigned.

Connors said he heard Morecz was in a car wreck, but that he hadn’t heard any further details about the incident.

On Friday around 3:30 p.m., a Bozeman officer responded to a report of a disorderly person at the high school after a two-car wreck, according to a citation filed in Bozeman city court. A caller reported both drivers were arguing and that Morecz was stumbling in the parking lot, the citation alleges.

An officer performed several sobriety tests and determined that Morecz was drunk, the citation alleges. Morecz was taken to the Gallatin County Jail after she refused a blood-alcohol level test.

Dan Mills, high school principal, said he was unable to comment.

Matt Woody, a high school student’s parent, said Morecz bumped the left rear tire of his car while he was waiting for his child in the roundabout in front of the high school. He said Morecz then backed up, drove forward and “really hit” the back of his truck.

“The second one, she got a pretty good bite out of it,” he said.

Woody said he got mad and started yelling at Morecz to turn off the car and get out, and that Morecz had a puzzled look on her face. When Morecz got out of her car, Woody said, he could tell something was wrong because her speech was slurred, she couldn’t stand up straight and her eyes were glossy.

“There was something about the look in her eyes, and something about the way she was looking at me. I said, are you drunk?” Woody said.

He said Morecz replied that she was sick and on medication. Woody said he then yelled for someone behind Morecz’s car to get her keys so that she couldn’t leave.

Bozeman officers arrived shortly after, he said.