Jonathan Parker

Jonathan Parker

The former Idaho GOP chairman arrested on suspicion of stalking last month was arrested again Friday morning in the courtroom on a separate, outstanding warrant for trespassing.

Jonathan Parker, 39, is charged with first-degree stalking in his first case, after police and prosecutors say he violated a protection order and was found wearing a wig, looking in windows and masturbating outside his soon-to-be ex-wife’s apartment.

At his initial appearance last month, his attorney, David Leroy, said the incident was a misunderstanding, and said Parker was on his way to a costume party. Police and prosecutors claim that incident took place between May 16 and May 30.

He posted an $80,000 bond May 31, the same day as his initial appearance.

Parker appeared in court Friday morning, out of custody, for a preliminary hearing. Leroy was absent from the hearing. But the attorney filling in for him asked the judge to push the next hearing back until August. Leroy would be out of the country for the month of July, he explained.

The judge, Magistrate Judge Frank Kotyk, agreed, and set the hearing for Aug. 16.

Parker was arrested on the outstanding warrant after that.

“Mr. Parker, I believe the deputies are going to take you into custody on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant,” Kotyk said.

The misdemeanor Parker is accused of, Kotyk said, is trespassing. The bond associated with the warrant is $1,500. He did not explain further in the courtroom.

Tommy Simmons is the Ada County public safety reporter for the Idaho Press. Follow him on Twitter @tsimmonsipt