A former Bannock County insurance agent has been sentenced for diverting customers’ premium payments to his personal accounts.

Alan C. Rzeszutko, 38, of Pocatello, was granted a withheld judgment by Sixth District Judge Stephen Dunn and placed on probation for four years.

Dunn also ordered Rzeszutko to pay $6,201 in restitution to Farmers Insurance and $1,043 to the Idaho Department of Insurance.

He also faces a fine of $750 and must pay court costs of $245, while the court also ordered 120 days of discretionary jail time to be utilized by a probation officer, according to Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.

In October, Rzeszutko pleaded guilty to one count of diversion or misappropriation of fiduciary funds. His insurance license was revoked a year earlier.

Authorities said that after Rzeszutko began diverting his customers’ premium payments to his personal accounts, he took steps to make sure his clients were not receiving late notices on their accounts.