Grant Fire

A Friday night fire destroyed a shed and a covered porch and caused minor flame and smoke damage to two homes in the 600 block of South Grant Avenue in Pocatello.

POCATELLO — A fire that broke out in the 600 block of South Grant Avenue in Old Town Friday night originated from a backyard shed, according to an investigator with the Pocatello Fire Department.

The cause of the blaze, which was reported as a house fire after 10 p.m., has not yet been determined, said Capt. Glen Powell, who was the lead investigator on the call.

Powell said a Pocatello Police officer was the first to arrive at the scene and immediately called for backup when he found two structures were threatened by flames.

The fire, which Powell said started in a shed behind 635 S. Grant Ave., destroyed the shed, a covered patio, a hot tub and patio furniture. It also caused minor smoke and flame damage to the home where it originated and an adjacent home, he said. Powell said both structures are habitable and no people or pets were injured.

“We were able to stop the fire before it got to those structures,” Powell said.

The fire department deployed two engines, a ladder truck and an ambulance to the scene. A third engine was dispatched but was called back before it arrived.

Powell said the shed was used for storage of paints, solvents, yard equipment and other household items. The shed was equipped with electricity but occupants of the home reported nothing was plugged into the single outlet.

Powell said the flames burned an overhanging power line, disrupting power to three homes. He said the power meter was pulled from 635 S. Grant, but power was soon restored to the other homes.

Some neighbors reported hearing explosions. Powell believes the sounds were caused by arcing and sparking from the downed power line.