Chubbuck City Hall entrance

Mayor Kevin England stands by the entrance of the new Chubbuck City Hall.

CHUBBUCK — Mayor Kevin England has filed to run for a third term in his office, believing Chubbuck has several major projects underway that will shape its future and now is not the time for a leadership change.

About four years ago, the city hired a Boise firm to conduct a study of its facilities needs looking about 40 years into the future. If he’s re-elected, England is confident the city will see the remaining projects on that list to fruition within two and a half years.

England also believes some significant economic development projects that have been put on hold for the past year and a half due to COVID-19 should break ground during the next few years.

Furthermore, he was elected as the president of the Association of Idaho Cities, and he’s confident Southeast Idaho will benefit from his representation.

“This would not be a good time to change leadership,” England said.

England, who filed his paperwork for re-election Monday morning, was elected as Chubbuck’s mayor eight years ago, replacing his big brother, Steven. Prior to becoming mayor, during his brother’s mayoral term, England served four years on the City Council.

England said it takes several years to get a grasp on what the mayor’s job entails, and his first couple of years involved getting a feel for the office.

Regarding the city facilities study, the first phases of the plan called for building a new City Hall and then renovating the prior municipal building for an expanded police station. The new City Hall has opened, and work on the police station, which previously shared space in the old city building, is underway and scheduled to be completed in about a year.

The third and final project identified by the facilities plan involves building another fire station. England anticipates the city will have to get voters to approve a bond for the new station.

The new City Hall will serve as the anchor of a future downtown area for Chubbuck, which England believes will help the city build up its business base in a smart and orderly way.

“The idea of building a downtown for the city of Chubbuck is big,” England said.

Regarding economic growth, England said he developed connections with businessmen, including some located along the Wasatch Front, who would undoubtedly be doing “great things right now” in Chubbuck if not for COVID-19. He hopes to help them implement those stalled plans within the next few years. He anticipates many companies will look to build satellite offices in Chubbuck in the near future.

To facilitate modern, attractive growth, the city adopted a creative community zoning under England’s watch. The zoning allows mixed uses at a higher density, opening the door for creative designs and progressive concepts for public spaces. Many of the homes have rear-loading garages, reducing the traffic passing by front yards. . England said Chubbuck visited a community in Utah to study the concept. Local developers such as Lynn Yost and Ryan Satterfield have been effectively utilizing the concept, he said.

England has also emphasized community events such as Chubbuck Days and hosting regular movies in city parks.

“When I think of the city of Chubbuck I can think of many, many particular individuals that I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. ... I am so appreciative of the opportunity this community has given me to serve them and I would love to get four more years,” England said.