Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials say several elk were hit by a freight train in East Idaho this past weekend.

Conservation officers said 11 elk were killed in the collision Sunday morning near Dingle south of Montpelier in Bear Lake County. Two injured elk were subsequently euthanized by wildlife managers. The salvageable meat was donated to community members.

The incident occurred a little more than a year after about 30 elk were killed by a freight train traveling between Montpelier and Soda Springs in January 2019.

More recently on Feb. 3 of this year, 45 pronghorn were killed and another 19 injured and put down by wildlife managers as a result of a train collision north of Hamer, a city in Jefferson County about 32 miles north of Idaho Falls.

The Post Register reported a crisis was averted on Friday morning when 130 elk were directed across Highway 20 near Sugar City in Madison County by the Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho State Police and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

The highway was closed for around 20 minutes as the elk crossed the road.

It marked the second time a group of elk were guided across that highway near Sugar-City this year. A herd of 70 elk were helped across in late January, according to Post Register.