An Idaho Falls man died Thursday morning after he was involved in a five-car crash.

The crash happened at the intersection of Yellowstone Highway and North 25th East, near Idaho Falls, according to a news release from the Idaho State Police.

Marco Vargas Arteaga, 41, was driving east on Yellowstone Highway when the stoplight turned yellow. According to the news release, Vargas Arteaga accelerated in an attempt to make the light before it turned red.

At the same time, Jan Kelley, 60, was driving a dump truck heading west on Yellowstone in the turn lane to travel south on N. 25th E. He began making the left turn when the light turned yellow.

Vargas Arteaga crashed into the dump truck, which pulled his car along with it as it turned left. Vargas Arteaga’s vehicle hit a car stopped at the light. That car hit a nearby vehicle, which in turn hit a car near it.

Vargas Arteaga died at the scene from injuries he received in the crash. His next of kin have been notified, according to the news release.

The crash remains under investigation by Idaho State Police. The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office and Idaho Falls Police Department assisted at the scene of the crash.