Joseph Price

BURLEY — A Burley man has been charged with attempted murder after a detective said he “violently cut” a woman with a kitchen knife.

Joseph A. Price, 43, is charged with felony attempted first-degree murder, two counts of mayhem, battery with the intent to commit a serious felony, aggravated battery using a deadly weapon and injury to a child.

Cassia County Sheriff Detective Lt. Kevin Horak said deputies arrived Monday at the Burley home and applied a tourniquet to the arm of a woman who was “severely bleeding.”

The woman suffered injuries to her head and face and extensive injury to her hands. She was taken to a local hospital and transferred to another facility, Horak said.

“Two of her fingers were severely cut,” Horak said, “and there’s a possibility that she’ll lose those fingers.”

The incident happened in front of two children, police said.

“They were not injured,” Horak said, but they are suffering emotional consequences.

Horak said as soon as deputies got a description of the suspect, they gave it to other area agencies and Price was arrested without incident in Twin Falls. He is being held at the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center.

“Since the quarantine started,” Cassia County Undersheriff George Warrell said, “we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of calls on domestic disputes.”