BOISE — State and local officers removed almost three dozen venomous snakes from a Boise home on Saturday, following a long investigation.

Many of the snakes were native to the area, but others were from Southeast Asia, Africa and Central and South America, according to a news release from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Among the species seized were various breeds of cobras and pit vipers, as well as a massasauga rattlesnake. Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for the home; Idaho Fish and Game agents and Boise police officers executed the warrant on Saturday.

“We were more than a bit surprised by what we discovered,” IDFG regional conservation officer Charlie Justus said in the release.

The case involves a 25-year-old suspect, but charges haven’t yet been filed. Prosecutors are reviewing the evidence. The general location of the house was not provided.

Exotic reptiles and amphibians are regulated by IDFG. If a person buys a reptile or amphibian at a local pet store, no permit is needed, but it’s best to check with the department if buying the animals online. Exotic animals can have a negative effect on the environment if they escape, in large part because they can threaten native species, according to the release.