Dan Heiner (copy)

Dan Heiner sits in his office at Citizens Community Bank’s Chubbuck branch.

CHUBBUCK — After 44 years in banking, Dan Heiner is well versed in most of the area’s businesses and industries, and many customers have become his best friends.

Growing his group of friends and his knowledge base have been the best parts of the job for Heiner, 65, who will retire from Citizens Community Bank on April 2.

Heiner oversees the bank’s loan department as its executive vice president and chief credit officer.

Heiner, who was elected to the Chubbuck City Council in November 2019, plans to devote more time to his municipal responsibilities.

“I’m going to be able to spend more time and concentrate more effort on educating myself on all of the ins and outs of city government,” Heiner said. “Chubbuck is a good place to be.”

Heiner specialized during his banking career in commercial lending. He believes Chubbuck and the region as a whole are poised for significant growth. In fact, he chose to involve himself in city government because he could see change on the horizon and thought his skill set would lend itself well to helping the city prepare.

“There’s a lot of interest in Chubbuck. We have a good community, and the citizenry are for the most part very supportive, and I think the government is supportive, too,” Heiner said.

Though the community is still recovering from an economic downturn following last spring’s closures, which were forced by the coronavirus pandemic, Heiner said continued low interest rates have led to many new loans on the books and a host refinances. Several clients are also consolidating all of their debt at low interest rates, which have hovered around 3.5 percent on a 30-year mortgage.

Other clients have renegotiated mortgage rates rather than undergoing the full process of refinancing.

“It squeezes the bank’s margins, obviously, but we try to be a good community citizen,” Heiner said.

Heiner has issued several construction loans recently and he’s seen a lot of office space and warehouse space getting built in the area. Residential housing construction has also been “unreal,” especially with four-plexes and other types of multi-family housing, he said.

“The economy is booming. Rates are low and it’s interesting,” Heiner said. “We’ve had this pandemic and certain industries have been affected hard while others have really done well during the past several months of the pandemic.”

Heiner was born and raised in Burley and he’s lived in Southeast Idaho for most of his life.

He has served on the boards of Eastern Idaho Development Corp., Bannock Development Corp., the Idaho Bankers Association and the Chubbuck Development Authority, which he chaired for six years.