Jack Moser thumbs up

Jack Moser gives two thumbs up after his temporary release from Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Moser, 6, was seriously injured in July when he was run over by a trailer being pulled by a truck.

Lately, Jack Moser has been zipping around the physical therapy unit at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City on a little tricycle.

Judging by his remarkable progress in recovering from a serious accident in mid-July, family members anticipate it won’t be long before the kindergartner will be released.

His father, Jordan Moser, said the support the child has received from family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers since the accident has been overwhelming.

The accident occurred while Jack and his family, who live in Chubbuck, were camping in Island Park. He was pedaling around the campsite on his bike when he fell, and his midsection was run over by a trailer pulled by a passing truck.

“(Doctors) never gave us a real prognosis. ... In the beginning they would just always tell us Jack was very sick,” Jordan said. “Now they’re amazed at the recovery he’s done and that he’s come as far and as fast as he has. They never knew he’d be at the point he’s at now.”

Jack turned 6 in Salt Lake City, and his father explained members of the nursing staff helped set the tone for a happy birthday. They came into his room first thing in the morning and sang to him, Jordan said.

“Jack has a really good attitude,” Jordan said. “Even the nurses and doctors can’t believe the attitude and how he’s dealing with it.”

A teacher from a school service brings Jack homework every day at 1 p.m. He’ll attend Chubbuck Elementary School after his release.

“He enjoys learning,” Jordan said.

Jordan said several people have sent Jack toys and other gifts. He’s donated many of those to help other children. People also made donations of coloring books and other supplies in Jack’s name to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Neighbors have helped the Mosers with the upkeep of their yard, tending to their flowers and watering and mowing their lawn.

Furthermore, there have been three community blood drives in Jack’s name, and a fourth one is planned for Nov. 4.

“Jack needed a lot of donor blood in the beginning,” Jordan said. “We’re just blown away on how much he needed and how important it is.”

Jordan’s brother Seth is a member of the Pebble Creek Ski Patrol, so the organization hosted a blood drive in Jack’s honor on Sept. 1. The Ski Patrol hosted a second drive on Oct. 9, and the third drive, planned at the request of the American Red Cross, will be hosted from noon to 6 p.m. on Nov. 4 at the American Red Cross Blood Donation Center in Pine Ridge Mall.

To reserve a spot to donate blood, call Jim Price at 208-221-4245, or email him at jimprice@ida.net.

Jordan said a blood drive was also hosted in Island Park in honor of both his son and another man named Jack who was a big proponent of blood donation.

“We think blood drives are a great way to give back,” Jordan said.

Community members also hosted a successful crowdfunding campaign to help with Jack’s medical bills.