POCATELLO — A popular Pocatello restaurant had to temporarily close on Monday after a car crashed through its front doors.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:30 p.m. Monday at Jakers Bar and Grill off East Center Street, according to Shelly Miller, the restaurant’s general manager.

Pocatello police said no one was injured during the crash.

About two hours after the incident, Jakers’ bar was reopened but the restaurant’s dining area remained closed for the rest of the day on Monday. The dining area is expected to reopen on Tuesday.

Police said the driver of the car accidentally hit the vehicle’s accelerator rather than its brakes, causing the car to smash into Jakers’ front doors. The driver’s name hasn’t yet been released.

The collision broke the restaurant’s front doors off their hinges and shattered the glass on the front doors and adjacent windows. The restaurant’s entrance will remain boarded up until repairs can be made, according to Miller. For the time being customers should enter the business through its side entrance, she said.

“It was very shocking,” said Miller, who was in the restaurant’s kitchen at the time of the incident. “I heard it and felt the building shake, and I turned around and saw what had happened and I immediately got on the phone and dialed 911.”

Miller said there were about 50 customers in the restaurant when the crash occurred.

The incident remains under investigation by Pocatello police.