Marcela and Taylor Kerbs have started a moving business in Pocatello called BustNMoves.

POCATELLO — If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “I’d rather take a stiff beating than move again,” you’re likely not alone.

With that statement in mind, local couple Taylor and Marcela Kerbs have made it their mission to save you the hassle of planning and executing your next relocation with their new Pocatello-based business called BustNMoves Moving Company.

“I always wanted to start a moving company and with the temple opening soon we thought there was no better time than to do it right now,” Taylor said. “When we first started it was with a post on Craigslist. Two weeks later, I quit my job and started moving full time. We are professional movers — this is all we do and this is not a side hustle for us. We are committed to becoming the best of the best.”

The Kerbses chose the name BustNMoves because they felt it was funny and playful, feelings that aren’t typically associated with moving.

“Moving is so stressful. I mean, whenever we ask someone to think about moving their entire house right now they moan because of how dreadful it is,” Marcela said. “So we wanted the process of moving to be something fun, because it’s an exciting time in peoples’ lives and that feeling of excitement should last throughout the entire experience.”

The Kerbses, who moved to Pocatello from the Twin Falls area in 2014 to attend Idaho State University, started BustNMoves two years ago in April, Taylor said. Both Taylor and Marcela were studying at ISU to become teachers.

While Marcela graduated and started teaching social studies and English at Mountain View Middle School in Blackfoot, Taylor left school and started working for a local engineering firm designing trusses for homes.

“I was waking up at about 4 a.m. every morning to study the moving business market and put together a business plan before heading off to work,” Taylor said. “I presented it to Marcela who was anti-business at the time, someone who always believed in going to work, clocking in, clocking out and taking home a safe paycheck.”

Though Marcela, on several occasions, told Taylor his idea to open a moving business was crazy, Taylor never got discouraged enough to scrap the idea.

Originally, Marcela approved of the business model that involved both her and Taylor keeping their regular jobs, with Taylor scheduling moves for the weekends and his days off.

“We started with that approach but after just two weeks it got to the point that we were missing out on jobs so that I could go to my day job,” Taylor said. “So I put in my two weeks and we have been going non-stop ever since.”

Marcela added, “Taylor was showing me the numbers and the phone calls coming in and it just seemed so unnatural for him to quit his full-time job with benefits. I remember crying about it and telling him that when he falls flat on his face at least I will still have my job and all the security that comes with it.”

However, the business continued to grow to the point that Taylor needed Marcela’s help before and after school, and even during her lunches, to call customers back who were looking for moving quotes. After Marcella left work on maternity leave in January, she ultimately decided not to return to teaching and became a full-time receptionist for BustNMoves.

While it took a few years to fully gestate, Taylor’s BustNMoves brainchild was actually born out of a somewhat traumatic experience he endured as a teenager, he said.

“My parents got divorced when I was age 14, so for my entire high school years and even two years after I graduated, my mom was moving to a different house every year,” Taylor said. “Being a single parent, my mom didn’t have a ton of money so she relied on me to call my buddies and line up our moves before I was even considering owning a moving company.”

Taylor continued, “But that was a blessing in disguise, really, my parents getting divorced, because it opened a career opportunity for us.”

One other factor that contributed to the Kerbses’ new business was witnessing the growth and expansion that occurred when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple opened in Twin Falls.

“When the temple opened in Twin Falls in 2008, we just saw the city blow up,” Taylor said. “When a temple comes to town, so does a ton of growth, so we thought it would make perfect sense to get ahead of the curve here in Pocatello.”

Equipped with three moving trucks — one that is 26 feet long and two that are 24 feet long — the Kerbses say there is no move BustNMoves can’t handle.

“We can handle any job, big or small,” Taylor said. “We have done one-bedroom apartment moves up to moving an entire 9,000-square-foot home. We have three trucks with our logo on them, we have several year-round employees and a handful of ISU athletes who help out seasonally.”

In addition to moving services that include wrapping furniture in protective blankets, BustNMoves provides packing and boxing services and takes pride in ensuring there are no hidden fees.

“We have this awesome system that will send text message reminders and notifications and will send our customers the exact price quote of the move,” Marcela said. “What’s nice about us is we charge an hourly rate. Some people don’t have great perceptions of moving companies because you hear about these sketchy random fees and we don’t do that. You’ll know exactly how much a move with us will be ahead of time.”

While BustNMoves aims to primarily service Southeast Idaho, Taylor said they are licensed to move clients anywhere within the entire state.

Moving forward, Marcela and Taylor have one goal in mind: to be the first and only moving company clients call when they’re ready to relocate.

“In the near future, we want to be Eastern Idaho’s premier moving company,” Taylor said. “But as our reputation grows, we want to keep expanding into other communities to become not just the preferred movers in Eastern Idaho, but throughout the entire state.”