Lorin Nielsen in front of jail/BCSO

Sheriff Lorin Nielsen in front of the Bannock County Sheriff's Office.

POCATELLO — The Bannock County Sheriff's Office was without a non-emergency phone system for almost 24 hours this weekend due to unknown service provider issues.

The Sheriff’s Office reported its non-emergency phone system stopped working around 9 p.m. Friday and was not restored until around 8 p.m. Saturday night, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The only way Bannock County citizens could contact the Sheriff’s Office during the approximate 24-hour period was via the emergency 911 line, Sheriff Lorin Nielsen told the Journal on Friday.

Those who called any of the non-emergency numbers for the Sheriff’s Office received a busy signal, though the line was not in fact in use.

The system outage also affected the phones inside the Bannock County Jail, which shares the same building as the Sheriff’’s Office.

CenturyLink is the phone service provider for the Sheriff’s Office and did not provide Nielsen with an explanation as to why the phone lines stopped working.

With the issue resolved, Bannock County citizens can now contact the Sheriff’s Office via the non-emergency line.