Pirate, formerly known as Daniel Selovich

Pirate, formerly known as Daniel Selovich

POCATELLO — A transient man named Pirate donning a face covered in Polynesian-style tattoos was arrested at the Chubbuck Walmart on Nov. 11 after authorities say he burnt a Downey woman with a lit cigarette, ashed in her mouth and gagged her with his foot.

Pirate, a 42-year-old man who legally changed his name in 2013 from Daniel Lloyd Selovich, has been charged with one count of felony aggravated battery in Bannock County for his alleged actions.

Pirate is a registered sex offender with a criminal record of committing violent sex crimes stretching from California to Florida, and almost Alaska, had the woman he allegedly tortured and sexually abused in 2015 for five weeks in a remote wilderness cabin not died of a drug overdose in 2016, which resulted in Alaska authorities dismissing the rape and kidnapping charges filed against him.

“(The Alaska woman) was sexually assaulted daily, beaten, kicked, bitten, cut with a knife and duct-taped to Selovich at night,” the Anchorage Daily News reported in 2019.

Authorities told the Anchorage Daily News that Pirate used a rope to tether her neck to a ceiling rafter, keeping her captive during the day. He threatened to “cut her face off,” according to the charges.

A Google search for Daniel Selovich returns countless news articles about his many criminal allegations, and at least two Facebook pages have been created to track his whereabouts.

Pirate was extradited from Alaska to Nevada in 2016, where authorities had connected him via DNA to a Las Vegas rape 12 years earlier, according to mustreadalaska.com. In 2018 he pleaded guilty to sexually motivated coercion and was sentenced to serve up to five years, but was given credit for 645 days served.

Pirate had also been convicted of rape in California in 2004, Must Read Alaska said, adding that Pirate also had a string of arrests from in Florida and Missouri for charges including vagrancy, panhandling, forgery, burglary and vandalism.

Pirate’s most recent criminal allegations in Idaho began to unfold on Nov. 9 when Bannock County Sheriff’s Office deputies received a report that Pirate had physically assaulted a Downey woman he had met via an online dating app, according to Bannock County Sheriff’s Office reports the Idaho State Journal obtained Tuesday.

When deputies responded to the woman’s Downey home to interview her, she provided them with a verbal explanation of what happened but did not make a written statement and initially declined to press charges against Pirate, deputies said.

Deputies also learned that Pirate had allegedly headbutted another woman several times in a Salt Lake City area motel on Nov. 6, though that woman also declined to press charges against him.

On Nov. 10, the Downey woman contacted authorities to explain that she had changed her mind and did want to pursue charges against Pirate, said deputies, adding that a deputy went to her home to take a written statement and additional photographs of her injuries.

According to the woman’s written statement, Pirate arrived at her Downey home around 9:30 p.m. on Nov. 7 after the woman agreed he could stay at her residence for a few days via messages on the online dating app.

The woman said in her statement that when she and Pirate went to her bedroom, he bit her lip hard enough to make her cry and also bit her neck, deputies said.

The woman also said Pirate made her open her mouth so that he could ash his cigarette into her mouth, something he took pictures of, deputies said. Around 3:45 a.m., “Pirate inserted his foot into her mouth and held her head with his hands so that she could not get away,” said deputies, adding that Pirate also photographed this interaction.

Pirate used his fingernail to scratch the inside of the woman’s cheek, about 6 inches down the center of her back and burnt her four times on the stomach and upper back, the woman wrote in her statement to deputies.

The woman told police she was reluctant to come forward for fear that Pirate would attempt to retaliate against her, deputies said.

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office deputies located Pirate on Nov. 11 at the Walmart in Chubbuck where he was subsequently charged with felony aggravated battery, arrested and booked into the Bannock County Jail where he currently remains incarcerated on a $25,000 bond.

If convicted of felony aggravated battery, Pirate faces up to 15 years in prison and up to $50,000 in fines.

Pirate is due back in court on Nov. 23 for a hearing in which prosecutors will attempt to prove there is enough evidence against him to send his case to trial.

A news agency in California interviewed Pirate in January, during which Pirate spoke to the many criminal allegations against him.

”All these charges are either getting dropped down to petty or getting thrown out,” Pirate told KRCR of California in January. “These are charges at the minimum is usually 15 years the maximum is life. You can Google it and there are people doing a lot ... there are a lot of people in California, every state that I have been to that I get these crazy charges that are doing life or 25 to life typically over these types of charges. Now either I am the luckiest guy alive or maybe there is more to these stories.”