Police car on the street

MCCAMMON — Bannock County sheriff’s officials are investigating an incident involving a dog that was fatally shot after it reportedly got into a coop containing chickens on Tuesday afternoon in McCammon.

Authorities did not release the exact location of the incident, but did say it occurred near Mountain View Elementary School, which was temporarily placed on lockdown as a precaution while officers investigated. Officials say there was never any threat to the school.

Officials are still investigating the incident and trying to determine exactly what happened.

But they said it appears that the dog was running loose and may have gotten into the coop containing chickens while it was out. One of the birds was injured in the incident and another has gone missing.

The homeowner came outside and ended up shooting the dog, which died, officials said. They have not released any additional details about the dog or the people involved.

Sheriff’s Office officials say no one has been charged in the incident, but they are consulting with the prosecutor’s office as they continue their investigation. They say it’s an emotionally charged situation on both sides — the owner of the dog and the owner of the chickens — and they want to make sure they’re making the best decisions they can.