Arthur Vailas

Results from Thursday's vote on Idaho State University President Arthur Vailas show that the majority of faculty have no confidence in his leadership.

Not soon after the release of the results this afternoon came a call for Vailas' resignation by the head of the Faculty Senate.

ISU Faculty Senate Chairman Phil Cole said the fact 73 percent of ISU faculty have no confidence in Vailas proves the school's leader is in an "untenable position" at ISU and must resign.

The vote on Vailas was held Thursday and the results showed 359 faculty voting against the president, 92 voting in his favor and 44 abstaining. The turnout was 76 percent of ISU's 649 faculty members.

In response to the vote results, ISU's administration released the following statement:

"President Vailas remains committed and focused to work in partnership with faculty, students, staff, business/industry and governmental entities He continues to build upon Idaho State University’s upward trajectory as we seek to build upon our recent Carnegie Foundation designation as a Research High University and ultimately become a nationally recognized, pre-eminent research university. The vote is what it is.  Despite an organized negative campaign by some Faculty Senate members and others based upon half truths and fabrications, including 119 allegations that were never vetted by the Faculty Senate and subsequently found to have no merit, only 55 percent of the eligible faculty registered a no vote. The President enjoys widespread support from other constituencies, including the ISU Foundation Board, alumni groups, state policy makers, community and student leaders, all of whom have cited the positive transformational institutional changes that have occurred under his leadership."

Thursday's vote on Vailas was the third faculty vote in the past year. Last spring faculty soundly defeated the administration's campus reorganization (278 votes against, 75 in favor) and then gave Provost Gary Olson a vote of no confidence. The results of the Olson vote were 295 against him, 95 in his favor, and 41 abstaining.