The Idaho National Laboratory plans to cut 300 positions by the end of February and possibly more later in 2013.

INL officials said Thursday that the layoffs are being done to keep the INL competitive and to keep up with the future demands of the nation. They denied the cutbacks have anything to do with the budgetary "fiscal cliff" debate currently raging in Washington, D.C.  

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Persona Non Grata

For a few years now, I've (we've) been seeing more (R)eductions (I)n (F)orce occuring primarily in the heavily populated regions ie: Eastern & Central parts of our country, and for the most part didn't concern ourselves with their plight. Well... it took awhile, but the corporational "margin maintaining" sunami has finally hit flood stage in our area. What I mean is, that when you peak in margin profits, that is your new baseline for excellence, you never drop below this, and is the status quo of corporations, companys, even if it must be at the expense of personnel. So sad...

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