Landing in Pocatello
Airport Manager David Allen stands in the Pocatello Regional Airport.

    POCATELLO — Emergency responders will take part in an aircraft accident simulation and disaster training drill at the Pocatello Regional Airport located at 1950 Airport Way this Wednesday, May 22.

    According to the event coordinator and evaluator, Steve Hayward, the volunteer “victims” will be wearing make-up to create a more authentic experience. Hayward is with the Eastern Idaho region of the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security.

    During the live exercise, a vehicle will also be used to simulate a general aviation aircraft that has crashed upon landing. A smoke canister may be used to help identify the exercise site and water will represent a fuel spill.

    A table-top run-through of the exercise scenario was conducted in March, according to David Allen, the airport manager. He indicated that the exercise was scheduled so that the emergency response time can be tested and evaluated.

    “It has been several years since Pocatello Regional conducted a live exercise. Last June, however, SkyWest Airlines, operating as the Delta Connection, began serving the airport with Canadair Regional Jets,” Allen said. “The daily use of these larger aircraft prompted an upgrade in training requirements, and the airport will now conduct a live exercise every three years.”

    Emergency personnel and vehicles from Pocatello will respond to the disaster training drill.