LOGAN, Utah — A light airplane made a safe emergency landing at the Logan-Cache Airport at 6:25 p.m. Wednesday after its landing gear failed to fully open.

According to police scanner traffic, the pilot and another man emerged from the aircraft uninjured after executing the landing with emergency personnel standing by.

A witness at the scene said the plane’s front landing gear had failed to open, so the landing was performed on the two rear wheels.

“The pilot came in very, very slowly and used the back wheels to touch down,” the witness said. “Then he balanced on those wheels for a short period before the nose of the plane tipped forward and hit the runway, causing it to skid to a stop.”

The pilot had reportedly dumped the plane’s fuel before making the landing — a safety precaution to lessen the possibility of explosion.

A large crowd of spectators gathered around the edges of the airport to watch the drama unfold.