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MORELAND — Agspring officials announced this week that they have acquired Moreland Grain and Seed in Bingham County.

They plan to merge Moreland’s storage, merchandising, grain handling and seed sales operations with those of Thresher Artisan Wheat, which “is a milling-quality grain storage and merchandising subsidiary of Agspring with facilities throughout Southeastern Idaho,” according to a news release.

Officials say Ray Carlson, who founded Moreland Grain and Seed, will continue to serve as an adviser for the business, and most of the employees there will be retained.

“Joining the Agspring network as part of Thresher Artisan Wheat is the right move for everyone involved,” Carlson said in the news release. “We’ve built great relationships with our growers since 1997 and we knew Agspring was prepared to build on that legacy benefiting our community for the long term.”

Don Wille, CEO of Thresher Artisan Wheat, agrees that the acquisition was a good idea.

“Adding Moreland Grain and Seed to our network makes sense to provide continuity and increased scale for our growers, partners and customers,” Wille said in the news release. “Growers can stand confident in our reliable, competitive demand for their crop due to our integrated supply chain with key milling partners.”

The Moreland facility already has a 25-car rail spur with Union Pacific and a storage capacity of roughly 1.8M bushels, including a marque 600,000 bushel bin, according to the news release. And Thresher officials plan to make upgrades before the harvest season this year.  

“Moreland growers and customers will also benefit from the strong seed and identity preservation programs operated by Thresher as well as opportunities to participate in yield improvement and sustainability programs as part of the Agspring EverYield initiative,” according to the news release.