Bus Crash

The Bonneville Joint School District 93 bus pictured after its collision with a pickup truck on Monday morning. The driver of the pickup died from the crash. No students were severely injured. 

A man died Monday morning after crashing into a school bus outside of Idaho Falls. The collision sent four children to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The crash occurred at approximately 8:09 a.m. at the intersection of 15th East and 65th North, according to a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The sheriff’s office reported that David Eason Thomas Roemer, 27, of Ammon, was driving a small pickup and collided with a Bonneville Joint School District 93 bus. The bus, which had more than 40 children as passengers, overturned from the force of the impact. The pickup’s driver died at the scene.

Some students suffered minor injuries and four were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Bonneville Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Bryan Lovell told the Post Register about another dozen students were taken to the hospital by their families.

The bus driver was uninjured from the collision and all students have been accounted for and released to parents, the release said. The bus was transporting students to Rocky Mountain Middle School, Bonneville High School and Bonneville Online High School, according to a district update about the crash on Facebook.

Deputies have determined the collision occurred after Roemer failed to yield at the stop sign of the intersection. The bus, traveling south on 15th East, was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision.

“We are grateful for the cooperation and support of our parents in helping to respond to this situation this morning,” District Superintendent Scott Woolstenhulme wrote in the update. “While our transportation department has a very safe driving record, accidents can occur. We encourage our community to always drive carefully and to be especially mindful of our school buses.”