Jaden Tyler Nilson and Jarod Michael Delgado

Jaden Tyler Nilson and Jarod Michael Delgado

A blown tire, and possibly alcohol, caused a one-car rollover on U.S. 20 near mile marker 333 Thursday night, reported Rexburg police.

The rollover ejected the driver from the car, later landing him in the hospital and in jail. Officers later arrested the driver and a male passenger on alcohol and probation violations.

“The man was not wearing a seat belt,” police said in their report.

The accident happened after 7 p.m. just south of the center exit.

“What it entailed was three individuals in a Chevy Suburban headed northbound toward Rexburg, and the rear tire blew on it,” said Rexburg Police Captain Randy Lewis. “Alcohol was involved and could have caused the rollover.”

According to Lewis, Jaden Tyler Nilson, 21, of Rexburg, was driving the Suburban. He was later arrested on a probation violation, furnishing alcohol to someone under the age of 21, driving without proof of insurance and driving under the influence of alcohol.

“He had an open container of alcohol. There was quite a bit of beer in there that had been consumed,” he said.

Nison's passenger, Jarod Michael Delgado, 19, of Rexburg, was charged with a probation violation and the underage consumption of alcohol. He was also arrested and taken to the Madison County Jail.

A third passenger, Crystal Sanders, 18, of Idaho Falls was treated by paramedics and released. She was not charged with any crime. Both Sanders and Delgado wore seat belts and remained inside the vehicle following the accident.

Lewis said that Nilson was fortunate he wasn't more seriously injured.

“(He) was lucky especially where he was thrown from the vehicle,” Lewis said.

Nilson and Delgado currently remain in jail. The incident remains under investigation.