Police car on the street

An officer-involved shooting that occurred Saturday was the sixth in East Idaho in 2021.

On Saturday, an Idaho Falls police officer shot a man who reportedly was fleeing the scene after firing a gun at Hurricanes, a bar on North Holmes Avenue. The suspect is in critical condition.

IFPD Public Information Officer Jessica Clements said the department is waiting for an investigation by the Critical Incident Task Force to proceed before releasing names of the officer and the suspect. A news release stated the suspect had a gun but does not say whether he threatened officers or drew the weapon.

The past year has seen an increase in violent crime in Idaho Falls, including shootings. In 2020, there were four shootings.

Besides Sunday’s shooting, others in 2021 include:

— The Feb. 8 shooting of Joseph Johnson by IFPD officer Elias Cerdas. Cerdas has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for the shooting.

— On Feb. 13 a U.S. marshal shot and killed a man while pursuing another suspect wanted for lewd conduct with a minor. The man reportedly fired at marshals first.

— Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office deputies fired at Bruce Diehl on Feb. 14 after he reportedly fired upon the officers and threatened to kill him.

— Two Rexburg Police Department officers shot and killed Troy Allen on Feb. 15 after he charged at them while pulling his hand out of his pocket. The Madison County Prosecutor’s Office determined the shooting was justified.

— On Aug. 4 shooting of a Bingham County Sheriff’s Office deputy while pursuing suspects in a hit-and-run incident. One of the suspects, Terrance Knight, was found dead near the scene of the shooting. An obituary stated he died of injuries from an accident.

Saturday’s shooting is also the most recent incident at Hurricanes Night Club. In January, a bouncer was arrested and charged for shoving a man and causing him to bleed from his head.

The trend follows an increase in violent offenses over the past year. At a recent City Council meeting, the Idaho Falls Police Department reported an 81 percent increase in aggravated battery calls.