The man suspected of killing a 9-year-old girl in 1982 was officially arraigned on his charges Thursday.

David Dalrymple, 64, was charged with the murder and rape of Daralyn Johnson in 2020. He was arrested and taken to Canyon County on Thursday morning, where he was booked into jail, arraigned on his charges and then returned to the Idaho Department of Correction, where he is serving a 20-year sentence.

Dalrymple was convicted in 2004 of kidnapping, lewd conduct and sexual abuse involving a minor between the age of 9 and 11. His preliminary hearing on the murder and rape charges is scheduled for Jan. 25 at 8:30 a.m.

Canyon County officials in May 2020 announced the charges against Dalrymple. The case was thought to be resolved in 1983, when Charles Fain was convicted of Johnson’s murder and sentenced to death. However, Fain was exonerated and released from prison in 2001 after DNA testing found the hairs on the victim didn’t belong to him.

Johnson was 9 years old when she left her Nampa home in February 1982 and never returned. Her body was found three days later in a shallow drainage ditch along the Snake River in Melba.