Altercation in Pocatello

This was the scene on West Center Street in Pocatello early Saturday morning as police responded to an assault incident that left two victims beaten and two of the apparent attackers with stab wounds. 

POCATELLO — A video reviewed by the Idaho State Journal shows the brutal assault on a local couple this past weekend that ended with gunshots and left two victims beaten and two of the apparent attackers stabbed.

The video is from a West Center Street business' security camera and was provided to the Journal this week by a source who wanted to make sure the truth was reported about the early Saturday morning incident.

The video shows that at approximately 3 a.m. Saturday the couple and an unidentified individual were standing in an alleyway in the 300 block of West Center Street.

A black Subaru is then seen pulling in front of the trio and four men exit the vehicle.

The video shows one of the Subaru's four occupants quickly emerging from the rear passenger seat and immediately punching the man with the woman.

A struggle ensues and both the apparent attacker and male victim stumble in front of the car where two of the other men from the vehicle join the tussle. The unidentified man who was with the couple then briefly disappears from the camera's view but reappears entering a nearby building.

It’s unclear at this point what exactly is going on between the three men and male victim in front of the car because the vehicle's lights obscure the video. But as the struggle continues the fourth man — the car's driver — joins the fray.

The video then shows the male victim’s girlfriend reach for something in her purse and run toward the group of four men who the camera shows at this point are attacking her boyfriend. It’s unclear if the woman stabs any of the men at this point but one of the apparent attackers can be heard shouting “knife.” The man from the car's rear seat who initiated the attack on the male victim and the man who was driving the vehicle wrestle the woman to the ground.

After a brief struggle, the apparent attacker from the backseat removes his shirt and states he has been stabbed and to get the knife from the woman. The video then shows the driver of the vehicle — who was also stabbed — continuing to wrestle with the woman when the unidentified individual who entered the nearby building returns holding a handgun.

Pointing the gun in the direction of one apparent attacker, the man fires one shot. He then pivots and points to the man who removed his shirt and fires another shot. All of the men from the vehicle except the driver flee on foot. No one was wounded by either of the shots fired.

The video next shows the male victim running over to the Subaru and apparently turning the vehicle off. The unidentified man with the handgun then apparently orders the driver of the vehicle to get on the ground.

After several minutes, the driver enters the vehicle and drives away. The male victim, his girlfriend and the unidentified man enter a nearby building and the video ends.

The couple spoke to the Journal on the condition of anonymity because they're concerned that they're going to be again attacked by the four men.

The female victim said she stabbed the two men with a 5-inch self-defense knife that she had in her purse. She said she pulled out the knife in an attempt to defend her boyfriend and she didn't stab the men until they wrestled her to the ground and were on top of her.

Police said they know who the four apparent attackers are and have interviewed them but no one has been taken into custody or arrested in the case.

The male victim said the attack occurred about 15 minutes after the man from the rear passenger seat of the Subaru had accused them in the alleyway of breaking into local businesses and/or apartments.

“The man said he had video footage of people breaking into businesses or his apartment or something and that it looked exactly like us,” the male victim said. “We told him we had no idea what he was talking about and then my girlfriend pulled her cellphone out to start recording it.”

The male victim said the man slapped the phone out of his girlfriend’s hand and then slapped the skateboard the male victim was carrying out of his hands.

The male victim said he then open-hand slapped the attacker, causing him to flee.

None of this earlier incident was caught on the video presented to the Journal.

A short time later the apparent attacker returned in the Subaru with three of his friends.

“Four guys jumped out of the car and (one) said I was the (expletive) that jumped his friend,” the male victim said. “I got punched in the jaw and the neck and the next thing I know two gunshots sound off.”

Pocatello police arrived soon afterward and began investigating the incident. The woman and her boyfriend were interviewed by police before being driven via private vehicle to Portneuf Medical Center. She was treated and released for a black eye and a severely bruised wrist that is now in a brace. Her boyfriend — the male victim — was treated and released for a dislocated shoulder and bruises around his neck.

Police said on Tuesday that they are aware of the video recording and are in the process of reviewing the material and interviewing witnesses and suspects.

The male victim said he did not know the four men in the Subaru but had seen them around the First National Bar on West Center Street before. The couple had been at the bar earlier in the evening.

The two individuals who were stabbed eventually arrived at PMC via private vehicle. One of them was treated and released but the other man remains at the hospital, police said.

He is expected to survive.

Police did say that there is no threat to public safety as a result of the incident.

The couple credits the man who fired the pistol with possibly saving their lives.

"If not for his gunfire, they would not have stopped (beating us)," the female victim told the Journal on Saturday. "They would have pried the knife out of my hands and beat us until we were nothing."

She said the incident has left her traumatized.

The male victim said he is afraid his attackers may seek retribution and the altercation was so intense that he has decided to carry a Taser and a knife for self defense.

He said he thinks the men in the Subaru were looking for a fight and he and his girlfriend were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“This same thing could have happened to anybody,” the male victim said.