McKee's baby bird

This red sun conure was stolen earlier this month from McKee’s Pet, Garden, & Feed Center in Pocatello but has since been returned by an unknown individual, according to the store’s owner Travis Brasher.

POCATELLO — The baby bird stolen from a local store has been returned.

Travis Brasher, the owner of McKee’s Pet, Garden, & Feed Center on Yellowstone Avenue in Pocatello, said an unknown individual returned the bird last week, leaving it in a box at one of the business’ entrances.

Brasher spotted the box and opened it, finding the baby bird inside.

“We brought him in and immediately fed him and he seemed OK,” Brasher said. “I think he was happy to be back.”

Brasher said that shortly after the red sun conure, priced at $700, was returned to his store a customer purchased the bird.

After the baby bird was stolen from McKee’s on May 9, Brasher said he was concerned about the bird’s well-being because it needed to be hand fed.

With a sole focus on the animal’s return, Brasher told the public he would take the 7-week-old bird back with no questions asked.

“I didn’t think it would happen,” Brasher said about the bird’s return. “But I’m happy it did.”

Brasher was thankful for the community support in spreading the word about the stolen bird.

“I really appreciated it all — everybody’s concern and all that the community did,” Brasher said. “I’m sure that had a hand in the bird’s return.”