Larson family twins

The Larsons recently greeted a new set of twins — Callum and Jessa — bringing the size of the family to 10, including mom and dad. On the couch, from left, are Brock, 3, dad Virgil, Piper, 3, mom Jamie with the two new twins Callum and Jessa, and Andrew, 5. In back of the couch, from left, are Zaidee, 10, Zelli, 13, and Jillian, 9.

POCATELLO — Having a New Year’s baby is quite a unique experience, but five years after Jamie and Virgil Larson gave birth to Andrew, the first baby born at Mountain View Hospital in Idaho Falls in 2012, the couple just welcomed in their second set of twins on Wednesday at Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello.

After their first four kids, the Larsons were unsure if they wanted any more children and said they would take it one kid at a time; however, that philosophy didn’t pan out quite as planned.

“Like with most things, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit,” Jamie said. “But we’re excited for the ride.”

In just two pregnancies, the Larson family of Pocatello has doubled in size. The single children begin with three girls. The oldest, Zelli, is 13-years-old, followed by 10-year-old Zaidee, 9-year old Jillian and their 5-year-old son Andrew who was born on New Year’s Day in 2012.

On Sept. 30, 2013, the couple gave birth to their first set of twins, a boy named Brock and a girl named Piper. Just like her first twin pregnancy, their latest set was a boy first, named Callum, followed by a girl, named Jessa.

“If you’re good at something you stick with it,” Jamie said. “Kim Cox delivered both sets for us. We always tease him that even though he’s only delivered twice for us, he’s delivered half our family.”

As a registered nurse, Jamie was measuring herself from home during the first twin pregnancy and discovered she was quite a bit bigger than normal.

“So, we weren’t really surprised that it was twins,” Jamie said.

“But, we were really excited, and I’ve always thought it would be fun to have twins,” Virgil said.

During the first pregnancy, the ultrasound showed Brock and Piper looking right at each other.

At 10 months, the two were close with the Larsons having pictures of the two holding hands while sitting in their car seats.

That bond remained strong into toddlerhood, with Virgil saying the two can be partners in crime sometimes.

“One little kid gets into a little mischief, but with two they start to egg each other on,” Virgil said. “Brock and Piper went through a phase of flushing things down the toilet together. Piper would run and grab whatever it was and Brock would flush it.”

During the second twin pregnancy, Jamie was measuring about the same size as the time before, so she had hunch it might be twins again.

Both sets of twins were natural, no fertility involved and both naturally conceived.

“I was really blessed with both pregnancies,” Jamie said. “I was never on bedrest and was able to carry them both full term and they came really healthy.”

With eight kids and two adults, traveling could potentially become a problem. But not for the Larsons who own a 15-passenger van that Zelli nicknamed “The Motherload.”

Jamie said she couldn’t be a mom of eight kids without a really great husband.

“I really rely on his help a lot and the help of my older kids,” Jamie said. “I feel really blessed, and motherhood is such an amazing experience.”

She continued, “Yes, singles are wonderful, but it’s amazing to be the mother of two sets of twins.”