POCATELLO — People in the Gate City are beginning to notice a slowdown in mail delivery since the U.S. Postal Service’s mail processing center on Flandro Drive began its phase out on April 18.

Closure of the Pocatello plant was part of the closure of 82 mail-processing centers in the nation last month to save an estimated

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I think it is time for Pocatello to recognize and accept the fact that the mail sorting plant is gone and adjust whats left of their mailing habits accordingly.
DC NYLA nailed it. The internet and plethora of for-profit delivery services killed the USPS.
Isn't it a bit ironic we are commenting on this very subject via electronic means when we could be supporting our local post office by actually putting pen to paper, suffer the price of a stamp and posting our comment to the paper for publication?


Why is everyone acting surprised?

We want a first class mail service when it benefits us. The rest of the time, we use eMail, eCards, eCommerce and direct-pay at our bank.

Heck, the town couldn't even sustain a Hallmark card store!

Daily, FedEx, UPS. DHL, and an alphabet soup of other delivery services race up-and-down my street, to be followed late in the afternoon by a rather slow Post Office truck. The cream gets delivered by the for-profit companies, and the junk mail gets delivered by the Post Office.

Then, there is the whole issue of the Post Office having to pre-pay its Pension Funds. I agree, that's a terrible idea; but, even if the law was changed, it would only prolong the slow death of the Post Office.

Don't get me wrong, I would like to see a successful Post Office system; but, I'm afraid it's headed the way of the buggy whip, the steam locomotive and the Wells Fargo wagons of yore.

We live in the "I want it now" times. Mail is just too slow for most people today.


Mailed a card from Blackfoot on the April 24. It finally got delivered to Pocatello on May 6th. Guess pony express out of Blackfoot had problems. [beam]

Jim Micheals

The service is completely unacceptable. Last Tuesday we mailed two Mother's Day cards, one to Boise and the other to Medford, OR. The Boise one took until Saturday and the Medford address has yet to be delivered, that is one full week! My daughter mailed hers to her mom last Monday and if only arrived yesterday, two full days after Mother's Day.

Totally unbelievable that in 2015 we would accept this type of service. I would bet that back in the 1800's you could get a letter delivered from Pocatello to Boise faster via the Pony Express that we can get today.

This will not only affect residents waiting on important mail but will have a dramatic effect on cash flows for many businesses as well.


I am still waiting for a Mother's Day card that was mailed from Gillette, WY on May 5. Newspapers that we received via bulk mail now take up to 2 weeks longer to arrive.

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