The performance of a redshirt sophomore receiver is an up and down one, said Idaho State head coach Mike Kramer, and Bengals wide receiver Broc Malcom clearly had an “up” day against Chadron State on Saturday at Holt Arena.

“He was inconsistent at Utah State and he was debonair and a high-wire act today,” Kramer said of Malcom. “So what’s it going to be next game we play? It’s a coin flip. You never know what to expect from those guys.”

At Utah State on Sept. 6, Malcom had three catches for 59 yards and a touchdown. But there were several dropped passes, including one that went from Malcom’s hands into the waiting arms of Aggies defensive back Jalen Davis who ran it back 44 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. Malcom also had a fumble in the first quarter.

But against Chadron State, it was a completely different story. Malcom had eight catches for 123 yards and two touchdowns. It was a career high in yardage for Malcom and all but one catch for four yards came in the first half.

His first touchdown came with 5:10 left in the first quarter. Quarterback Justin Arias threw a 10-yard shot into the end zone that Malcom had to climb the ladder to bring down. His second was equally impressive, taking down an 11-yard shot from Arias while being smothered by a CSC defensive back.

“He takes it seriously every week,” Arias said, referring to Malcom. “You’re going to have off games sometimes. You just have to bounce back and respond. He responded nicely today and made some great catches.”

The kind of day Malcom was going to have could almost be foretold by his first catch. His feet left the ground as he reached for the pass from Arias, pulling it down for five yards and taking a solid hit from Chadron State’s Jordan Jones in the process.

Malcom popped right up and headed for the huddle.

“He played as good as a redshirt sophomore can play...,” Kramer said. “He needs to play like that all the time.”