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The Gate City Grays released their 2019 roster Tuesday, and it includes some familiar names along with well-known local products.

Among the returning team veterans are Kris Gokey, Braeden Leiby, KC Qualls, Preston Wells and Nick Winters. Some well-known newcomers and returning part-time players include Chris Needham, Trent Cooper, Ben Ditton, Hayden Foltz, Mason Foltz, Austin Losser, Rhys Pope and George Sebena.

The team’s season-opening doubleheader is Saturday at Logan. The Grays’ home opener is June 7 against Hyrum.


Chans Arce

Zach Arzola

Dylan Chan

Trent Cooper

Ben Ditton

Hayden Foltz

Mason Foltz

Kris Gokey

Brendan Hamill

Colby Hay

Payton Higgins

Dawson Keller

Braeden Leiby

Brandon Long

Austin Losser

Chris Needham

Braden Palmer

Anthony Pannullo

Spencer Persky

Pete Pickering

Rhys Pope

KC Qualls

Thomas Riley

Casey Rodriguez

Pat Ryan

Jordan Sadovia

George Sebena

Riley Secord

Bridger Vorwaller

Preston Wells

Nick Winters


Trent Seamons

Darrell Cunningham

Tanner Daley