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Idaho State University's welding program received an new endowment scholarship in honor on Daniel Paskins Barclay.

POCATELLO— Idaho State University received a new endowment scholarship for its welding program this month, donated by Barclay Mechanical of Manti, Utah, to honor ISU’s 1962-1970 department head, Daniel Paskins Barclay.

“Over my decades of involvement with ISU (1978-2016) as a student and employee, I have listened to many stories about the welding program and the legacy of Dan P. Barclay,” said Dave Treasure, chair of the Trade and Industrial Department. “Indeed, I was fortunate enough to meet the legend. Even at age 85, Daniel's passion for the welding profession, dedication to education, and love for his family of welders is very evident. Truly, Dan has touched the lives of thousands of young men and women in the welding profession who owe their livelihoods to one of the finest educators to ever teach at this institution."

The endowment scholarship is called the Daniel P. Barclay Scholarship and gives enough resources to perpetually fund various students for partial scholarships.

“We wanted to create something in memory of our grandpa that would help foster the rising generation of talented, intelligent and hard-working welders,” said Kenneth Barclay, one of three owners of Barclay Mechanical.

“Daniel P. Barclay was a man who not only helped shape Idaho State University’s welding program but also passed his legacy onto his children. One of which is my father, Michael D. Barclay, who started two successful welding companies both in Idaho and Utah.”

Personally appearing at ISU to present the scholarship was 85-year-old Daniel P. Barclay, accompanied by his two sons, Martin Barclay, owner of Barclay Truck Rebuilders of Paul and Daniel W. Barclay, a retired CPA in Boise. Also with him were his two grandsons, John and Scott Barclay, two of the three owners of Barclay Mechanical of Manti, Utah. Unable to attend was Barclay Sr.’s other sons, David Barclay, DO in Boise and Michael Barclay (Michael being the original founder of Barclay Mechanical) and Kenneth Barclay, tri-owner of Barclay Mechanical.

Barclay Sr. was able to meet with ISU’s Dean of the College of Technology, Scott Rasmussen; the chair of the Trade and Industrial Department, David Treasure; the Director of Development Melissa Moon; and the College of Technology’s welding program administrators Randy Humphreys, Lucas Bloxham and David Erickson. The entire group gave Barclay Sr. and family a personal tour of the current welding facility at ISU.

“I was amazed to see how the welding program has grown since I was there 46 years ago,” said Daniel P. Barclay. “There is nothing I enjoy more than to see young folk continue to develop in the field of welding. Welders will always be needed.”

Barclay Sr. was hired by ISU in 1958 to teach welding classes at night. It wasn’t until 1962 that he was asked to take over the welding program for ISU as the department head. He served in this position for eight years. During his first year, he worked with the university to hire Ralph Olsen to be his assistant. Together, Barclay Sr. and Olsen developed the high-quality training program that Barclay Sr.’s oldest son, Daniel W. Barclay, said, “Changed the ISU welding program — we hope forever.”

Barclay Mechanical is a heavy industrial general contractor. Established in 1980, Barclay has become a leading mechanical contractor — working all over the country in the energy, food processing, production and agricultural sectors. Barclay fabricates ASME pressure vessels, high-pressure piping, structural steel, as well as numerous, custom industrial metal products. Barclay’s famously high-skilled welders are a product of its proven standard of excellence.