If we elect a weak, self-centered person as mayor, oh, how we will suffer! Pocatello needs a strong leader as our mayor. Our city is very diversified and It is changing so much right now and genuine strength is required in our leaders.

Brian Blad is a strong mayor. Strong because of his ability to organize; strong because of his ability to interact with all varieties of people; strong because he grasps the big picture and works on the finite details to achieve its accomplishment; and strong in his overall performance as a successful mayor.

He is exactly right for Pocatello. A tremendous example. He has perspective for the future of our city. Brian is the Chief Cheerleader for Pocatello! He knows where the city is going and he’s willing to lead us through whatever lies ahead.

I have seen the Mayor perform so excellently when I worked with him on the City Council. I marveled at how well he handled difficult situations and conflicts between people and I admired his efforts to give each organization and individual what they needed so they could succeed. He has no biases, no hidden agendas, no groups he caters to or owes favors to. No one owns him. He is 100% free to be the mayor for everyone in the city. He’s an open book.

We must re-elect Mayor Blad because he understands what we need for Pocatello.

He is a man of faith and it shows through his actions. The way a person views life -- confident or frightened, generous or selfish, cooperative or I Win, You Lose----determines how you live your own life and how you affect others. Brian Blad’s view of life is right on target to promote safety and cooperation and progress and growth. He is not interested in glorifying himself but he is interested in helping others succeed and interested in making our city strong.

Brian Blad has set a high leadership bar and has demonstrated that he is totally for the people of Pocatello. We need him now more than ever to keep that bar high.

We must keep our Mayor Blad for four more years. Please join me and vote for Mayor Brian Blad.

Jim Johnston,