Dr. Warren Willey

Dr. Warren Willey

According to indicators, one in five Americans will experience depressive symptoms in their lifetime, some far worse than others. A very large percentage of them will not find relief from current therapeutic approaches. In other words, they are not Prozac deficient.

Arguably, life’s sine wave is looked at differently now (highs and lows are no longer viewed as normal — thank you, social media), removal of traditional values that have worked for the entire evolutionary process of human beings are being ignored, and we are expecting joy from this.

Dr. Warren Willey is a Pocatello physician. Visit his website at drwilley.com.

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Old Crow

My god, there are still idaho health department ads on tv all day long, there is a billboard up on the way out of town telling people to get vaccinated

Our tax dollars at work. They are so desperate to not look like fools throwing out millions of outdated doses that they are begging you to get vaccinated. Never mind that it doesn't keep you from contracting covid and may over the long term even weaken your immune system.....get boosted now. This is sick. You doctirs are wrong, you know you are wrong, yet you push it on people anyway.

A 99.50% survival rate was never a crisis.....this was all about stealing an election and getting control over the masses.....and it worked. Pure bloods are the minority and mudbloods the norm. This will have long term effects on human evolution....it's unbelievable that so many people got conned into this. The doctors who dare to speak out have been ostracized and called out as kooks.....but that mRNA time bomb is ticking away and the truth will

Hit the masses eventually, and they are gonna be


Old Crow

And now they've got something to be depressed about. On the positive side, when you are preoccupied with vaccine injury, you don't really have time to dwell on what gender you wish to identify with. It is an affront to the hippocratic oath for doctors to ignore what has gone on for the last three years and not speak out against vaccines that don't work, never worked.....and have long term life endangering side effects. The health care industry has lost all credibility.

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