The US birthrate has hit a new low. This is no surprise, since an aversion to children and normal family life has spread in our society for some time. The Germans call it “Kinderfeindschaft”—hostility to children. I call it “karpophobia” from karpos, the Greek word for fruit. 

This karpophobia is present at all levels of society, but it is most virulent among those with the largest incomes and the most initials behind their names, so its various forms come with important-sounding names. 

Many do not want children at all, or one or two at most. They call this responsible family planning. 

They do not want other people to have many children, either. This is population control. 

They want to be able to destroy their own offspring. This is reproductive rights. 

They place eternally barren same-sex “marriage” on the same level with fruitful husband/wife matrimony.  This is called marriage equality. 

They want to destroy the ability of others to have children. This is transgender treatment. 

The Bible pronounces children a “blessing from the Lord” and barrenness a curse. It is sad and ominous for days to come that so many are enamored of a curse. 

Monty Ledford,