Racism is deemed an infectious social disease, that’s spread with hatred on our daily social sandwich of interactions. Blaming life’s ills on others is also a human trait for the explanation of hardships that may emit sadness from any point you currently occupy at this moment of existence. Often adversities to ones position on the social ladder is happenstance. Your feet are in the position your reality has chosen or been forced to be in and not necessarily a safe one, as harm seems to inhabit a similar closeness. The redundancy of a painful situation is not usually stopped without immediately leaving that situation or forcing a differing social dilemma into existence. It’s a hard lesson to learn that racial hate is often an incubated attitude developed over time, used by some, to blame any hardship on another’s race, Nationality, religion or any human value that is disagreed with at that moment. Exaggerations, conspiracy theories and basic lies are only a few terms that relate to attitudes that tend to draw lines between American opinions, when “TRUTH” is lacking or not even used when describing an opposing view, to your own. Trying to separate one side of a social difference into a split from another’s viewpoint, is meant to put barriers in place that are then drawn as if to be unsurmountable differences between the right and left of a situation, which is then labeled as a “right or wrong” judgment call with no other options. Thus losing the once compatible difference of opinions by replacing it with a rigid “value statement” as the means to never see a way to agree. Opinions that now separate the suddenly conflicted issue into an overwhelming problem, can only be solved by choosing one side as the ONLY answer to the solution of a once minor issue with no chance to reason a solution of agreement together. Truth in all things doesn’t mean one side is wrong and one is correct, but only set up this way to separate two differences of opinions into an “either or situation”. Rather than seeing the conflict as a simple differing point of view that can be solved by understanding we’re all Americans and it is our right to each have opinions about any given situation, but does NOT mean one is more right than the other but that Truth can be the compromise that enables justice to be reached without labeling something “right or wrong” or the only way out of total conflict is to pick a side. A difference in belief systems can still be used to reach a decision that appeases both sides of an argument when using truth to describe the combination of two differing ideas melded into a compromise for both sides of the separation conflict. The ability for anyone to agree with another’s viewpoint is never easy, but it’s been peacefully negotiated to end waring situations since the beginning of time. But when violence and hate is interjected to force a separation from a simple difference of opinion to a physical conflict, such as the attack on the Capitol police and Congress/Senate, mayhem and carnage separates both parties and changes it into a terminal stalemate of simply, bad politics. We all must protect Americans and avoid ANY CHANCE of purposely or accidentally taking more lives. The violence upon the American public is NOT tolerable in any situation and the perpetrators must be disarmed and imprisoned to stop the continued attack on our freedoms. Violence is NEVER the solution but only another unjust killing to seek total power.

Danny Higgins,