I see that you disapprove of Clayton Armstrong's breaking with official policy.

Your letter indicates you approve of the "very divisive" Mask Mandate for children, but think opposing it would be disruptive.

I see in your letter you believe that “Teachers should stick together”... opposing parents who are often in the way of academia’s agenda for their children.

I also see that you think mandates are OK, but freedom from mandates are a bridge too far. I believe I’m hearing you say that you fear that Mr. Armstrong, as a School Board member, would too often allow parents to choose what they thought best for their children. And that you believe if he were “Wise and fair” he would force them to do what teacher's want done.

You then ask what precautions Mr Armstrong would suggest to protect students and teachers from a real and deadly pandemic? I can’t answer for Mr. Armstrong. But I would answer for myself and for many others who you clearly see on the streets of Pocatello, breathing fresh air. You may not be aware of this but many of us, a majority I believe, aren’t buying the Pandemic story. We have read the studies, researched the internet and listened to Doctor after Doctor for eighteen months telling a completely different story. Doctors all over the world are showing us the scientific evidence … and it is NOT what the leftist media or academia would have us believe.

The high death count, horrendous life-long disabilities, and birth defect numbers being reported are official. With so many public reports to read it almost appears there is an agenda by some who fear public opinion. I have searched your letter and I don’t see any reference to an appreciation for parental opinion. Do you believe Parents should have opinions on their children’s upbringing, education or well being?

I think we need more Clayton Armstrongs who appreciate the rights of parents and students and public opinion, and who see health and freedom as rights that can not be trampled. I for one, believe we have for far too long turned over our parental wisdom to teachers who too often march to a different drummer.

Lynda Eggimann,